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The Man You Love To Hate

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2/13/08 08:45 pm - Hello again!

Just a quick update.

my new blog is here:


Check it out!

2/22/07 11:49 pm - Hello everyone

How is everyone?

An update I suppose is in order..

My son will be 2 years old in June.  In late April or early May we're expecting another boy!

I've been at the same job for the last three years.

My best friend from college whom I had a falling out with our last year just got divorced and so fortuitously or not we are rekindling our friendship..

I am drinking rum and diet dr. pepper (lol) and listening to Sam Cooke.

What's up with everyone?

4/7/06 09:09 pm - A pic of my sweet boy

I figure I should probably post a pic of my beautiful boy..

3/13/06 12:39 pm - Does anyone still read this thing?

Hello! Just wondering if anyone still reads this old thing.

6/23/05 01:09 pm - It's A Boy!

Graham Thomas was born at 5:29pm on June 22nd, 2005. He weighs 7lbs 1oz., and is 20 inches long. He is of course the most beautiful baby I have ever seen in my life!!

Pictures will be posted to our website!

5/26/05 09:00 am - This Is The End.. My Only Friend, The End.

Well, actually it's only the end of this journal as an active repository for my rants, observations, denunciations, proclamations, and perturbations.

From now on, I'll be posting to my blog on my website and to conservatism, because let's face it, those people are way too much fun not to provoke.

If you don't have the address, then you'll just have to learn to get by without my brilliance, wit, and charm.

However, if you really want to see my new website and weren't given the address by me, feel free to ask.

Naturally, as an Internet Tough Guy, I reserve the right to say no, give you an atomic wedgie and hang you up in the hallway before pulling the fire alarm.

5/16/05 10:15 pm - The Newsweek Blunder

Having today consumed a great deal of both conservative talk radio including Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt, as well as a number of conservative blogs such as powerline, Michele Malkin, RealClearPolitics, and other lesser known blogs, it has become increasingly clear to me that the liberal media's conservative doppleganger in general and bloggers in particular are positioned for just the sort of scathing denunciation that they themselves poured out upon poor, old Dan Rather and their arch-nemesis, CBS news.

This Newsweek blunder is just the sort of trap they seem almost anxious to step into. Blog after blog, commentary after commentary, and one-liner after one-liner has it that Newsweek is guilty not mererly of poor journalistic judgment but of the far more serious and egregious crime of deliberately lying to the American people. The most oft repeated one-liner of the day has been "Newsweek lied, people died." Yet, I'm unaware of any evidence that this is in fact the case. It may be that they did lie, and it may be that they didn't. Where the blogosphere stands to be deeply embarrassed is in the unlikely but ultimately inevitable event that this story or another to follow turns out to be true, corroborated by an as yet to be discovered, fully disclosed, trustworthy source.

It seems as though lately bloggers have been displaying an increasingly pack-like mentality. Riding the wave of confidence created from their outing of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes as effectively shills for the Kerry campaign, they seem to collectively believe that they can do no wrong, allowing themselves to, in more or less unison, cry out that Newsweek has lied! Should it turn out that Newsweek's story was accurate, the bloggers will have a lot of explaining to do, and the story would provide fodder for their adversaries in the mainstream press to lambaste them for weeks on end.

Newsweek was clearly guilty of poor judgment. They ran with a story not adequately confirmed, and provided the spark to an already volatile tinder box of anti-American, militant Islamist sentiment. However, to say things like "Newsweek lied, people died." is just as morally warped and misguided as its liberal progenitor was. It shifts blame from where it rests- with fanatical Muslims who actually did the rioting, to Newsweek who while responsible to a degree, didn't cause anyone's death.

5/16/05 12:51 pm - Debunking Leftist Myths About Judicial Filibusters


Another essential reading that debunks claims from the left about the use of judicial filibusters in the past.

I was surprised to learn that, contrary to the oft repeated claims of leftists, a filibuster occurs ONLY when a vote for cloture fails. Not merely when a senator stands and talks ad nauseum.

The simple fact of the matter, despite the claims of the leftists, is that until 2003, no judicial nominee with majority support was ever filibustered. Not Abe Fortas, not anyone. The Democrats are the ones employing a nuclear option and it's high time that Frist and the other spineless Republicans in the Senate break the backs of the Democrat obstructionists and push through Bush's judicial nominees.

5/12/05 10:46 pm - Is it me, or are liberals degenerate pieces of hateful anti-American shit?

Honestly now. Let's confess up front that generalizations and blanket statements are exactly what they are and have obvious caviats and exceptions.

That being said, have a look at the current laundry list of psychological trash currently nailed to the walls of the liberal community.

On this day, May 12th 2005, you have:

1 post about how terrible military recruiters are.
1 post about a sexualized statue being built between two churches.
1 post about how abortion is okay because one day we will be able to make babies from our skin cells, containing such whoppers as "Brain activity is what makes humans beyond bacterium".
1 post attacking a church leader
1 post cheering for a communist
1 post misleading readers into thinking "creationism" is going to be taught in Kansas schools
2 posts about how homosexuality is super and anyone who thinks otherwise is an evil biggot.
1 post about an assassination attempt on Bush
1 post about Haliburton.. again.
1 post by a user whose icon is Pope Benedict XVI depicted with horns.

And they wonder why people think they're hostile to faith, tradition and America.

These people are the most virulent strain of hardcore humanist, fully anger ridden, driven by nothing but the deepest hatred for Bush, capitalism, Christians, the Pope, Haliburton, "pro-lifers", etc.

Ever notice too how most hard core lefties are involved in some sort of "alternative lifestyle"? They're into some bizzare music cult, like the goths, or they're into drugs, or some bizarre form of sexual expression. The routinely have tattoos, piercings in numerous places, and their contempt for anything they regard as "traditional" knows literally no bounds.

Today's hard core lefties are the same people you remember from high school. The socially backwards weirdos who clustered together on the side of the building during lunch to smoke cigarettes and sulk. They're the same people who never "fit in". They were always the last ones to be picked for the dodge-ball team in P.E. class. They gravitated towards one another's obvious weirdness and formed a social circle based on their inability to connect with society at large. Not surprisingly, these same people transferred their angst and their inability to socialize (which for a brief period during the 90's was known as being "alternative") and joined a litany of causes and crusades against white people, christians, corporate America... pick your bogey man.

The liberals of today are not the liberals of yester year. I will admit that in the past liberals accomplished things which I must salute. Cleaner air, and water. Better working conditions, health insurance, and a host of other things most of us take for granted. Sadly, today's liberals have lost focus, gone horribly off track, and have given the Republicans the greatest Governmental control in more than a century. This is for the reasons mentioned above. Today's liberalism isn't issue oriented. It's sublimated pre-pubescent rage masquerading as a humanitarian cause. That it's a complete fraud, farce and hoax is obvious in that the left no longer champions human rights but instead rails against the evil Republicans for daring to fight for the things they once cherished.

5/10/05 01:31 pm - Why Republicans Will Keep Winning Big


A must read!! Fascinating statistical data on a variety of socioeconomic factors such as marriage, median income, birth rate, etc., and how they correlate to Red and Blue states, and thus help to determine the winners of national and state elections.
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